How to improve your judgement

To get rid of prejudice is a great triumph. Prejudices piles obstacles in a person’s way, obstacles to health, success, happiness and prosperity so that they are always running into imaginary enemies who, when prejudice is removed, are seen to be allies.

To acquire impartiality, a person must humble their ego which prevents them from seeing anything from any point of view other than their own….

Why power

​Thought of the day

Why power

When you get to the part you don’t like the part that’s not easy WHY are you going to do it anyway?

When the answer you have is strong enough it doesn’t matter the subject.

Be child like ask why.

Know your why and you’ll find a how.

Thought of the day

Just like the body the brain needs to be fed and exercised to grow stronger.

What are you feeding your mind? Mental amino acids or mental junk food?
Are you pushing your mind dealing with stressful situations (enabling it to deal with more pressure to make diamonds) or allowing to avoid such mental workouts and stay on the couch only working out ‘better’ excuses?