The kitchen, the pie and your slice of life

Make your own pie if you are not satisfied with your current slice.
You can make your own pie anywhere you want of you just learn the right skills and apply them and we all know how to learn.
If you dont want to make your own pie you could also get your hands on slices of more pie etc.
Moral of the story THERE IS MORE PIE‚Äč!!

The empowerment of responsibilty

responsibility noun: something that it is your job or duty to deal with. – Cambridge Dictionary

Your life is your responsibility. By accepting this, you can live a life limited only by your ability to handle your responsibilities/duties.

5 keys to an unbreakable relationship

1.Commitment When the commitment is clear, it shifts the focus of the people in the relationship because they feel secure and do not need to doubt their partner. When things get tough, they know that they are in-it together. This, working together brings progress which increases the belief that¬†together they can successfully overcome their problems. … Read more