5 keys to an unbreakable relationship


When the commitment is clear, it shifts the focus of the people in the relationship because they feel secure and do not need to doubt their partner. When things get tough, they know that they are in-it together. This, working together brings progress which increases the belief that together they can successfully overcome their problems. They do not compare if their grass is greener to others. To them, their own grass is the most important.



In any team sport communication is critical and nowhere more so than in a relationship. Communication allows you to check each other’s frequencies/vibes and make sure things are well. Communication is also a great way to teach each other about yourselves. Imagine you were from a different planet then the person you are in a relationship with. How much time, effort and patience would you put into teaching them your ways and learning theirs? This exactly is what is required from the beginning of a relationship – acknowledging that you do not know each other and build fresh. Always invest in communication!



Progress is confirmation that the relationship works. When times get hard it is good to have such a confirmation.  It should be used as a reminder. As things may not always be going in the right direction, you know that you can overcome obsticles and move forward together. Progress is proof that it is real. The positives are not just a fantasy or just a theory.

4.Belief in a Vision

Belief is positive. It is uplifting, whereas doubt or disbelief bares weight. In a relationship filled with belief in a shared vision, people can form a connection that cannot be served from the outside. They become unbreakable. They are in their own world that we cannot ‘see’. Vision, together with belief, secures the connection in the relationship.


Where does the value of the relationship rank? Higher than your job? Higher than what other people think? If all members put the group first, it will lead to a great relationship investment. The relationship becomes worth more to them.

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