Focus…. why its not all hocus pocus.

Imagine…. What a powerful word. How impactful are our beliefs? If you believed a loved one was dead would you become sad? Even if this was not true, why? Because what we believe does not have to be true to affect us.

The mind is the source of creation, our mind and the collective minds of all those living are constantly creating ‘our reality’, why our reality? because our reality is shaped by what we focus on, the brain rarely focuses on the hidden (behind the scene, what is in the process of manifesting) it focuses on what it can see which in most cases is the past because most developments go unseen like developments of the seed goes unseen until it shoots out of the ground.

Focus, we all know about when people buy a ‘new’ car and they start to see it everywhere compared to before (or know of the stories) is this because loads of people went out and copied us? Of course not, it is because they are now focused on it, they identify this car much easier out of all the other cars, this is what focus is meant for to be used to our advantage, to identify what we are looking for, so this brings the question, why do we not find what we are ‘looking’ for? the truth is that we do, we just will not all admit it meaning we find what we are really seeking, but we do not really seek what we wish for, to change your results change your focus (level/direction).

So you want to have a great day? Focus on the positive, do not allow the negative to own a place in your mind and just like the new car you will start to see all the positives which were there all the time which you did not notice. When you have a goal focus on it to the point where your radar is adjusted and anytime something goal related appears you can identify it because you are looking for it.

Distraction is a momentum killer, ever been talking with a friend and you get interrupted, and then you forget what you were saying, the same happens to the mind when you allow it to be distracted by gossip and TV sitcoms it forgets about your focus it forgets about your goals, avoid distractions.

Always ask what are my intentions? Whats the outcome i’m trying to produce? What the best thing i could do right now towards that?

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