Focus on excellence

4)    Focus on excellence

What we focus on dramatically affects how we think or feel and also affects how our life turns out. Focus is not to be confused with wishing for something or merely thinking about it, focus is when something becomes a must when it becomes a priority, so to focus on excellence is to make excellence a must.

Excellence is a result, so in order to focus on excellence, you must make your results your priority and your responsibility.

Goal setting is an effective way to identify and plan how to reach your goals. Tracking is an effective way to assess how you are performing,  you can review your results and workout where you can best make improvements, there are many trackers available to assist you in tracking many important areas e.g. Finance, Diet, Training. If you are not tracking your results, it will be more difficult for you to achieve excellence because it will be harder to realise where the improvements can/need to be made.

What do you focus on? What are you tracking?

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