Why it pays to do without delay

Do without delay

Doing without delay is a very simple action to understand, but it can be a difficult one to put into practice. Its difficulty varies depending on current habits, energy levels, preparation, and inspiration.

People that do without delay are not interested in wasting time when they have reached a decision they immediately proceed to the next step which is action; this is what is meant by ‘to do without delay’.

Those that make use of now (the present) will be rewarded in the future, doing without delay is an effective action with a significantly higher success rate than its opposite action procrastination. A simple example is if you have a toothache that comes and goes, you can do without delay and contact your dentist and sort out the problem or you can procrastinate and let the problem grow worse with the remedy being more costly in money and pain.

The reason why doing without delaying is such an effective action is because it allows the maximum margin for error. The sooner you take action, the sooner you find out if there is a problem and the more time you have to solve it if there’s no problem great, that’s extra time to make improvements or to apply yourself somewhere else.

Do without delay.




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