How to be ready for success

13) Be Ready

To be ready is to be prepared, positioned exactly where you need to be when you need to be. Preparation is a requirement of readiness, planning for and thinking of the possible problems you may face and how you would deal with such situations.

Those that are unready meet many surprises, although not all are bad very few turn out to be the manifestations they desire. Not being ready leads to drifting going with the flow ‘seeing how things go’ this is not doing without delay or being purposeful.

To be ready to fight you must train to fight, to be ready to achieve you must train to achieve. Those that are first are those that are ready. For example, an excellent business opportunity pops up now think what’s the difference between being ready or not, between having the funds to invest, having to try and raise them or having very limited options. Whatever opportunity you’re looking for you have to be ready for it, and the best way to do that is improve yourself, keep yourself in a state of readiness to capitalise on opportunities (which is the point of being ready).

Procrastination (one of progresses great enemies) is an effect often caused by not being ready; procrastination kills all opportunities, some quicker than others but none the less procrastination is a terminal vice in terms of success.

Those that are ready in spirit, skill and who know what they are doing rarely have to think about success for it comes whether they seek it or not.

Be ready.

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