Power to the decision maker

29)   Be a decision maker

Before you can take action, you must first make a decision, making a decision is an ability developed out of belief in your own judgement. In order for you to have confidence in your judgement, you must first feel you have solid information to make an informed decision. In times when there is little or no information, it’s best not to make a decision and seek more information in order to make an informed decision because otherwise you would just be guessing.

A person, when faced with a decision, should always be willing to acknowledge when they don’t know enough to make an informed decision and shouldn’t allow others to pressure to make decision under such circumstances (unless unavoidable), pressure to make a decision coupled with little information is often part of a plot of deception.

Decisions are easiest when the mind is made up beforehand, for example if you are a vegan and someone offers you a chicken sandwich, you are faced with an easy decision because you’ve already chosen to be a vegan and that in turn has made a lot of up and coming dietary decisions beforehand.

To make a mistake is an error, to act with indecision and make a mistake is weakness combined with error.

Do your research, make a decision, commit to it, and take action. Repeat.

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