Simplicity the key unlocking your realness

21)     Keep things simple

To be simple is to be natural, to be real is the opposite of fake. When we look at nature we are looking at realness no over expression just the right amount no waste.

The greatest communicators are those that can simplify because when you make something simple more people can understand it and understanding leads to connecting, so if you want to connect with people learn to keep it simple.

Keep things simple.

22)   Be attractive

People are attracted to nature because, people are attracted to realness, not everyone likes the rain but some people love it, farmers for example, so by keeping it simple and being genuine you attract the people that connect with the real you, you will attract the type of people that you should attract, when you are not being yourself you will attract the kind of people someone else should attract.

Be yourself in order to attract people that appreciate you. Attractive is no something you have to try to be; it is something that you are its just by being real you attract what’s for you.

Be yourself and be attractive.

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