How to improve your judgement

Seventh Pillar – Impartiality

To get rid of prejudice is a great triumph. Prejudices piles obstacles in a person’s way, obstacles to health, success, happiness and prosperity so that they are always running into imaginary enemies who, when prejudice is removed, are seen to be allies.

To acquire impartiality, a person must humble their ego which prevents them from seeing anything from any point of view other than their own.

You will rarely meet a person that will dispassionately discuss a subject from both sides, considering all the facts and weighing all the evidence for truth, for they are already convinced that their own conclusion is the truth, and that all else is error; but they are defending their own case and gunning for victory. Neither do they attempt to prove that they have the truth by a calm array of facts and evidence, but defend their position with direct and indirect heat and agitation.

Prejudice causes a person to form a conclusion, sometimes without the basis of fact or knowledge, and then refuse to consider anything which does not support that conclusion; and in this way prejudice is a complete barrier to the attainment of knowledge. It traps people in darkness and ignorance and prevents the mind from reaching its highest potential. And it also shuts them out of communication with the best minds and confines them to the dark and solitary cell which is egotism.

There are at least two sides to everything and those who will find truth in a matter are those that carefully examine all sides with freedom from excitement and without desire for the predominance of one side of another.

Be like the fair judge who after hearing all parties, uses only their knowledge of the law and the evidence presented do they pass judgement.

The impartial person examines, weighs and considers with freedom from prejudice and from likes and dislikes. Their one wish is to discover the truth. They have no case to make for their cause, for they know the truth is unalterable and that their opinion makes no difference to it.

The four great elements of impartiality are:

  1.   Justice
  2.   Patience
  3.   Calmness
  4.   Wisdom

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