The power of calmness

27)   Be Calm

A person who is not calm cannot be impartial and someone who is not impartial cannot see things for how they really are, so as a result they are unable to make decisions based on reality.

In order to be calm, you must put aside egotism for truth, being able to make things how you want to be while still seeing them how they are because although we move towards the future, we must step from the present.

Calmness is like a sniper holding their breath to take a shot, focused and accurate. Calmness takes aim at the ego; calmness is not swayed by others because they can not touch it.

In any moral contest, the calm person is the winner. Minds differ and the calm person acknowledges these differences as facts of human nature. Those that are not calm are impatient and are likely to experience many more mistakes.

Be Calm.

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