Goal setting exercise to put you on the path to success

goal setting

First i want make the point of why goal setting is important, think of the times you’ve been grocery shopping not taken the time to write a list and then you get home and realise ‘damn i for to get the …..’ and tonight dinner just wont taste the same. The same is with goal setting as we go to the supermarket of life we get caught up and without a list we end up with many things we don’t want and just few things we do.
That being said its time to get started.

Book leak… The second pillar ECONOMY

Financial economy is just a piece of the principle of economy; it is a material symbol of that true economy which is purely mental. The financial economist exchanges copper for silver, silver for gold, gold for notes and the notes are converted into figures in a bank account. The spiritual economist converts passion into intelligence, intelligence into principles, principles into wisdom and wisdom is manifested in actions of powerful effects.

True economy is the middle way in all things whether material or mental between waste and insufficiency.

Love is…

Love is a powerful thing, scratch that love is an empowering thing, love allows people to become powerful.

To be loved is to be supported, to have someone have your back even if your against the world, a soldier in your army/a die hard campaign advocate but this is not just support from anyone but from someone powered with love, this love is the difference a fuel which enables them to go above and beyond

Focus on excellence

What we focus on dramatically affects how we think or feel and also affects how our life turns out. Focus is not to be confused with wishing for something or merely thinking about it, focus is when something becomes a must when it becomes a priority, so to focus on excellence is to make excellence a must.

Book Leak… This is ‘The 32’ First Pillar: ENERGY

Energy gives birth to all achievement. Energy intensifies the most basic talent until it approaches the level of a genius, and when it touches the mind of a slouch, it creates a fire within their engine which soon produces smoke. Without energy, there will be no transformation.