No one is an island but you could survive on one (Self reliance)

Mockery and sarcasm cannot pierce the strong armour of the self-reliant person.

These are beaches that no invading force can land on for the self-reliant person is unreachable by comments without merit.
The sharp arrows of insincerity may rain upon them but they will just laugh as the arrows are deflected by the armour of self-confidence and fall harmlessly around them.

Accuracy and how to hit your targets

Accuracy takes practice just as the archer dedicates themselves to working on their aim, so must you. Imagine your goals, they are your targets you need to be accurate to reach them, improve your accuracy. This will require self-discipline but the good thing is it will also build self-discipline so invest in being accurate and hit your targets.

Why it pays to do without delay

The reason why doing without delaying is such an effective action is because it allows the maximum margin for error. The sooner you take action, the sooner you find out if there is a problem and the more time you have to solve it if there’s no problem great, that’s extra time to make improvements or to apply yourself somewhere else.

Book leak… Third pillar Integrity

Those that have no fixed principle of right are always moving the going post only thinking of taking advantage. Right doing between people in the varied relations and transactions of life is the very soul of integrity. It includes but is more than honesty. It is the backbone of human society and the support of human institutions. Without it there would be no trust, no confidence between people and the business world would topple and fall.

Book leak…Think differently/ Be original

think different

When things change, we must change in a way to create the right reaction and if we want to create change, we must start this change by thinking differently. Thinking differently often takes courage but that’s ok because courage pays much better than cowardice.