No one is an island but you could survive on one (Self reliance)

Mockery and sarcasm cannot pierce the strong armour of the self-reliant person.

These are beaches that no invading force can land on for the self-reliant person is unreachable by comments without merit.
The sharp arrows of insincerity may rain upon them but they will just laugh as the arrows are deflected by the armour of self-confidence and fall harmlessly around them.

Why it pays to do without delay

The reason why doing without delaying is such an effective action is because it allows the maximum margin for error. The sooner you take action, the sooner you find out if there is a problem and the more time you have to solve it if there’s no problem great, that’s extra time to make improvements or to apply yourself somewhere else.

Book leak…Think differently/ Be original

think different

When things change, we must change in a way to create the right reaction and if we want to create change, we must start this change by thinking differently. Thinking differently often takes courage but that’s ok because courage pays much better than cowardice.

Focus on excellence

What we focus on dramatically affects how we think or feel and also affects how our life turns out. Focus is not to be confused with wishing for something or merely thinking about it, focus is when something becomes a must when it becomes a priority, so to focus on excellence is to make excellence a must.

The empowerment of responsibilty

responsibility noun: something that it is your job or duty to deal with. – Cambridge Dictionary

Your life is your responsibility. By accepting this, you can live a life limited only by your ability to handle your responsibilities/duties.